Alumni Meetings

SCIAA Sub-Commitee Meeting April 9, 2017, 5:00pm

St Christopher's Inn, 3rd Floor Lounge

Attendees: Mark F., Matthew N., Bob P., Guy G., Melvin B., Lorenzo L.

Minutes recorded by Guy G.

Mark F (Acting Co-Chair) opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

Mark F. started out the meeting apologizing for any confusion about the

actual location of today's meeting and reviewed the text communications

that had led up to today and again apologized for the lack of

communication between the members who had attended the last

Quarterly Meeting on March 20th, 2017

Mark F. then stated he would take a more assertive role in light of Peter

Marconi's announcement at the March SCI Alumni Quarterly Meeting

held on March 20, 2017 that he plans on stepping down and moving to


Mark F. added that at some point in the past in the SCI Alumni history

there had been discussion of a SCI Alumni AA Meeting in New York City.

Matthew N. offered use of his space in New York City as a meeting place

for Alumni adding that he would not, however, be able to host an AA

meeting in this space.

Tracey (SCI Staff member) stopped by to make sure we were comfortable

meeting in the 3rd Floor Lounge as opposed to meeting in Matt Talbot

Hall. The group opted to remain where we were.

Tracey further added that in the future it was important a representative

of the organization coordinate our meetings with SCI and with the

recently and newly identified SCI Liason, Frank Pelligrino who is to

assume the role Tom King played in SCI Alumni affairs.

As many SCI

Alumni know, Tom King has recently retired and as a result his functions

need to be assumed by someone new.

Tracey addtionally informed us that inasmuch as there has been some

discussion internally about the idea of changing the T-shirt logo for the

SCI Alumni Association, even a contest for best submission, Fr. Bill

Drobach has expressed his lack of support for this idea and does not

want the logo changed.

The point was raised that if we are a separate organization from St.

Christopher's Inn why would Fr. Bill Drobach weigh in on our plan?

It was

agreed this was a discussion Mark F. might raise when he establishes

direct contact with David Gerber.

We then discussed the need to get the word out about the creation of

the new Brother's Christopher website whose URL is

We agreed links will be posted on all

Facebook pages available to us (i.e. Brothers Christopher SCI Alumni

Association Closed Group, Brothers Christopher, St. Christopher's Inn,

and others).

Matthew N. introduced Lorenzo L to those of us who did not know

Lorenzo from his earlier association with SCIAA in 2011.

Matthew N.

strongly recommended Lorenzo as an excellent candidate to assume the

role as Treasurer since Bob P., like Peter M. has expressed a desire to

step down from his post.

Lorenzo has nine years clean and sober, has done service both for his

home group and for his area (Schenectady, NY) and has expressed an

interest in the position.

We did not have a quorum so nominations could not be made at this


Mark F. tabled the subject to the next Quarterly Meeting since this

evening's meeting was scheduled to discuss subcommittee issues.

Lorenzo offers to explore rekindling the relationship between SCIAA and

St. Joseph's Fellowship which by all accounts has subsided in recent


There is some discussion about efforts made to contact SCI

Development and David Gerber about having access to Alumni contact

information collected at various SCIAA events held throughout the year.

Mark F. acknowledges he must introduce himself to David Gerber as

Acting Co-Chair along with Greg Mc.

We raise and discuss the topic of the upcoming Paul Manzo Memorial


Suggestions are made about three potential speakers.

Matthew N. raises the topic of two open non-voting Board Member seats

which are available to SCI Staff members.

Mark F. adds this subject to his

list of talking points with David Gerber.

Treasurer Bob P. arrived at this point in the meeting and presented his

Treasurer's Report as follows:

12/31/16 SCIAA Ending Balance = $3,530.04

1/01/17 SCIAA Pizza Party = $ 620.00

4/09/17 Continental Screen Print= $ 396.00

4/09/17 Current Balance = $ 2,464.04